• Marbles


    I was cleaning the kitchen so i sent the boys down to play in the basement. They made their own game using an empty box, strip of paper and marbles. Summaiya and i came to spectate…. Mashallah i love when […]

  • Build a Mesjid

    Build a Mesjid

    The boys got this for an Eid gift and we really enjoy it. Its a cute but simple game that even Ibby is able to play.  You pick up cards while trying to collect the most coins.  There are also […]

  • Whats missing?

    Whats missing?

    We did this game in Preschool time last week and Yusuf LOVES it! Basically you put a bunch of random objects on a tray, then the child closes his eyes and then you remove something and then he guess whats […]

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