• Living Room Camping

    Living Room Camping

    Baba is out of the country for a while, and since the boys are very attached to him, especially at night/bed time, I asked a friend if we could borrow her tent to set up in our living room!  Alhamdulilah […]

  • Crazy Forts

    Crazy Forts

    A long time ago I took out a set of Crazy Forts from the resource center.  Then last summer I found a set and bought it from a garage sale.  Its a great activity for the kids, they love it! […]

  • Garage Sale

    Garage Sale

    These are a couple of my gatage sale finds this week. I really wanted one of these tube things. A friend has one and Ibby loved it. I checked them out at Ikea recently and they were $30! I got […]

  • Crazy Forts ;)

    Crazy Forts ;)

    We borrowed this cool activity from the Resource Center = ) Baba helping Peeking out of the window All done, just needs the sheet on top Ibby “helping” Share This:

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