• A brother, a sister and peanut butter cookies.

    A brother, a sister and peanut butter cookies.

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  • Spice Craft

    Spice Craft

    Last weekend while I was working in the kitchen I got the kids to learn some spices and make this wheel.  They really enjoyed it. Afterwards Yusuf helped me make dinner and I got him to guess the spices we […]

  • Helpers


    Saturday morning chores…. Peeling mint leaves off their stems. Share This:

  • Candy Mesjids

    Candy Mesjids

    We made mesjids out of crackers, icing and candies 🙂 Share This:

  • Pumpkin


    I bought a pumpkin, we carved it, seeded it, cooked it, made puree out of it and then made cookies! It was fun and yummy.  Click here for the recipe we used. Taking the seeds out.  Ibby did not want […]

  • Worm Jellies

    Worm Jellies

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  • Jelly :)

    Jelly :)

    My Grandma bought us this cute sports themed moulds tray for baking.  To celebrate Yusuf’s last day of Winter Session for his sports class, we made jelly with it.  We wanted to send it to the class to share with […]

  • Basketball Cake

    Basketball Cake

    Today is the last day of Yusuf’s kidsport class. He has been going once a week for about three months now. MashaAllah he has come a long way. The first few classes he had major seperation anxiety (it was his […]