• Confession: Messy Room

    Confession: Messy Room

    This week is a confession kinda week. Exhibit A – kids messy room. … Just in case you thought I always have it all together or something crazy like that.  I wont show you my bedroom, it’s a lot scarier. […]

  • Book Challenge / Confession

    Book Challenge / Confession

    This post could go two ways. 1 – I could tell you how I had this awesome idea to have a book challenge with my kids. Told them if they reach their goals, they can take a trip to Chapters […]

  • Mute Button

    Mute Button

    Sometimes I really… like really really really… wish my daughter had a mute button!  Three year old girls can talk a lot.  Especially at times when you just want to drink your chai in peace. Share This:

  • Dinner Time

    Dinner Time

      I am in a facebook group that shares recipe and meal ideas.  Whenever I make something nice, I usually end up posting there. However, to be honest, the above chart illustrates our dinner time routine much more accurately.  🙂 […]

  • Countdown


    I’ve been counting down to bedtime…since breakfast time. Share This:

  • Confessions

    I told Yusuf he could skip his social studies homework if he gave me a foot massage. Share This:

  • Confession

    Today I gave my two year old a Nutella just because I wanted her to stop crying.I dont think my eldest had Nutella til he was four. Share This:

  • Confession


    Confession : I send my kids mixed messages by taking pictures of them when they do naughty things. Share This:

  • Confession


    I used to be slightly judgmental of parents whose children wrote on walls.  Since my boys never wrote on walls, I (wrongly) assumed that if kids wrote on walls, it was due to parents negligence. I now have a daughter […]

  • Confession


    Today my kids were eating this this morning.  And I didn’t stop them. But I did get to speak to my Mom on Skype and drink my chai in peace 🙂 Share This: