• Waste Management and Botanical Gardens

    Waste Management and Botanical Gardens

    Last week we went to the Waste Management place which was really interesting! We learned about all the different things you can recycle, how the landfill works, how we should compost, how we should try hard to avoid things going […]

  • Fire Truck Visit

    Fire Truck Visit

    Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE our playgroup? Mashallah we do some pretty awesome things!  This week we had a fire truck come to one of our houses for a presentation.  It was super cool! The fire fighters […]

  • Garage Sale

    Garage Sale

    Once again weve been keeping super busy and I havent had much time for myself, let alone the blog. So heres what weve been up to. We recently had a garage sale to raise money for our playgoup. Alhamduliah we […]

  • Muhammad


    Yesterday we attended a Fundraising event for a local organization called SMILE. Check it out here. Yes that’s Yusuf on the flyer mashaAllah. That picture was taken two years ago when Yusuf met this little boy named Muhammad and wouldn’t […]

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