• Paper Route!

    Paper Route!

    Yusuf has started a paper route in our neighbourhood. It’s only been two weeks and its picking up slowly (ie the excitement was really high til it crashed when he realized how much work it was).  But I have hope […]

  • Toy Drive

    Toy Drive

    Have I mentioned Im so happy were back in Canada? 😉 MashaAllah there are such awesome initiatives going on in our community, makes me so proud alhamdulillah! Yesterday National Zakat Foundation and MYRec came together to do a Toy Drive.  Each […]

  • Food Baskets

    Food Baskets

    Unfortunately there is a strong misconception that it is better for us to send out zakat money to those abroad because people living in Canada cant be that poor.  However there are many families in our community who struggle to […]

  • Eid Packages for Refugee Children

    Eid Packages for Refugee Children

    A friend of mine is working with a relief organization who is helping refugees in Yemen and Somalia.  Yesterday we hosted an iftar for friends and got all the kids to make Eid cards and then we made packages with […]

  • Fire Station

    Fire Station

    Another idea we got from the 30 Days of Ramadan Goodness blog was to visit a Fire Station and thank the Firefighters for the hard work they do in keeping out community safe.  We got a tour of the fire […]

  • Timmie’s


    Another idea which we got from the Ramadan Goodness Blog was to pay for someone at Tim Horton’s.  When we got in line, we drove past the speaker where you order, and went straight to the window, gave the lady […]

  • Flowers for Neighbours

    Flowers for Neighbours

    I found this amazing blog mashallah which shares amazing ideas about how to spread kindness is Ramadan.  We took this idea from that blog…check it out here.   We made these for our neighbours… it has a flower, a small […]

  • Bird Feeders

    Bird Feeders

    Yesterday Ibraheem learned about recycling in his Science workbook.  We happened to go to Bulk Barn yesterday so I picked up some bird seeds so we could make bird feeders out of stuff we found in our recycling bin….really praying […]

  • Science Centre

    Science Centre

    One of the main reasons we moved back was to be apart of our amazing homeschooling community here in Canada.  Alhamdulillah there are so many trips, classes and events always taking place. Can’t explain how excited I am to be […]

  • Farm in the City

    Farm in the City

    Today we had a playgroup field trip to a place called Farm in the City. Mashallah we had a blast. Lotsa hands on learning for the kids alhamdulillah. Share This:

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