• Tree Planting

    Tree Planting

    Alhamdulilah we were able to take part in the One Million Trees project this year for the second time.  The city of Mississauga is aiming to plant 1,000,000 by 2032 and each year organizations are able to help out.  MashaAllah […]

  • Event @ Salam Shop

    Event @ Salam Shop

    Alhamdulillah we had our second event at Salam Shop this weekend. MashaAllah we had a good time… We played Boggle, Headbands, and Taboo. Looking forward to next months Session which will actually be about mental health. Share This:

  • Quran Competition

    Quran Competition

    Alhamdulilah both boys (along with their cousins) took part in ISNA Quran Competition.  Yusuf has taken part in a couple before, but this was Ibby’s first, mashaAllah.  I’m not a huge fan of the whole competitive aspect, since I know […]

  • Moms’ Tea & Games Afternoon @ My Salam Shop

    Moms’ Tea & Games Afternoon @ My Salam Shop

    As you may have seen before, I partnered together with My Salam Shop to hold monthly events for Moms.  This was our first time, and inshaAllah we will continue on the third Sunday of every month.  For our game this […]

  • Welcome to Canada Cards for Syrian Children

    Cards for Syrian Kids Continued

    Alhamdulilah I have had an awesome response from the community to make Welcome to Canada Cards for Syrian Refugees.  I am in contact with a group called Ahlan Syria who will distribute the cards inshaAllah.  All the cards were made […]

  • Cards for Kids

    Cards for Kids

    Some friends and I reached out to the community to encourage kids to make cards for Syrian refugee children who are arriving to Canada this month. Alhamdulillah I am so proud to be a Canadian at times like this! InshaAllah […]

  • Skits


    Alhamduillah we are so blessed to be apart of a homeschooling co op where the kids get to learn seerah, tafseer, science and drama.  Recently the kids performed two skits for the parents.  One was demonstrating the series of events […]

  • Home Depot Workshops

    Home Depot Workshops

    For those of you living in Canada,  Home Depot offers monthly workshops for kids.  All you have to do is go on the Home Depot website, click on workshops, search for kids, and register.  You choose the location closest to […]

  • On Hold

    On Hold

    A friend of mine used to always talk about putting books on hold at the library.  I thought to myself that it was a good idea and all, but really, who has the time to do that?! :/ Then I […]

  • Week Two and Going Strong!

    Week Two and Going Strong!

       I believe in you my baby boy!   Share This: