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  • Good Deeds Jar

    Good Deeds Jar

    Congrats to Yusuf! He filled his good deed jar! Im so proud of him and Im really liking this form of positive reinforcement! Here are some points I have to mention regarding this method: -Yusuf was not allowed to ask […]

  • Happy 100 posts!  = )

    Happy 100 posts! = )

    Yusuf has been having a few listening issues especially with Baba. MashaAllah Yusuf and his Baba are super close, but, Im starting to notice that Yusuf views him mostly as someone to play with instead of someone to listen to […]

  • Toilet Paper Roll

    Toilet Paper Roll

    Recently I decided to give Yusuf a special job: to change the toilet paper roll when needed. It may be something small, but Ive noticed hes really given his new responsilibity alot of importance. Sometimes he goes to the washroom […]

  • Good Deeds Jar

    Good Deeds Jar

    As all children do, Yusuf is going through a phase where he is testing his limits… including talking back, using bathroom words [constantly] etc. Ive noticed when we give attention to the negative behavior, it doesnt really eliminate it [ […]

  • Yusuf’s Good Deeds

    Yusuf’s Good Deeds

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