• File folder car lot

    File folder car lot

    Another thing I found on Pinterest 🙂 Baba did this with the boys today when I was at my class. Share This:

  • Maze


    Yusuf made a maze with his blocks. It was an all day project and I only managed to get a picture half way through.  By the end of the day his wooden blocks had also been added as well. Share […]

  • Car Painting… with Ibby

    Car Painting… with Ibby

    I was really excited to do car painting with the boys…since Yusuf loved it last time.. and since Ibby loves cars and coping Yusuf, I thought it would be a hit. I tried so hard to convince him that it […]

  • Car Art

    Car Art

    For someone who doesn’t enjoy art much, this was a big hit! First we put a piece of paper on the table, added some blobs of paint and Yusuf drove his car through the paint to make tracks. Ive been […]

  • Poster Map

    Poster Map

    I got this idea from here. Both boys are loving it. Its complete with: our house, the park, Tim Hortons, Gas Station and ISNA of course. I Share This:

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