• Yousuf’s Everyday Adventures

    Yousuf’s Everyday Adventures

    We recently received this awesome book as a gift.  MashaAllah my kids loved it! Especially my three year old who insists we read it almost every night before bed.  As someone who really lacks story telling skills, I enjoyed reading this […]

  • Blocks


    Dear Yusuf and Ibby, Right now you’re playing with wooden blocks. You’re making towers and cities and driving your toy cars around. You’ve made up some challenge that includes keeping score with checkers pieces. One day you’ll think this is […]

  • Rainbow Loom

    Rainbow Loom

    Mashallah the boys are really into this rainbow loom stuff. They’re so cute they made their own store. Totally something I would have done as a child 🙂 Share This:

  • The Get-Along Shirt

    The Get-Along Shirt

    Ive seen this idea many times before.  The other day the boys were driving me crazy with their fights and bickering so I made them wear it.  Except it didn’t last long because Ibby hates being confined.  :/ Share This:

  • Inspiring

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  • Life with boys part 2….

    Life with boys part 2….

    …when your decorative pillows are tied to a pole to transform it into a punching bag. Share This:

  • Life with boys…

    Life with boys…

    ….when your living room is transformed into a Volley ball court, and your ironing table into a net.  =) Share This:

  • Moments like these…

    Moments like these…

    …melt my heart mashaAllah <3 Especially when they spontaneously took out the books and blanket and positioned themselves on the sofa like this together, all while I was busy in the kitchen making dinner. May Allah always keep their bond strong, Ameen. […]

  • Living Room Camping

    Living Room Camping

    Baba is out of the country for a while, and since the boys are very attached to him, especially at night/bed time, I asked a friend if we could borrow her tent to set up in our living room!  Alhamdulilah […]

  • Recycling


    As a child I remember always making things out of recycled items!  Whenever Id want to give a family member a gift, I would usually make it myself.  MashaAllah Yusuf is now becoming more independent and creative.  He mostly wants […]