• Boys Need Men

    Boys Need Men

    Alhamdulillah the boys are so blessed to have men in their lives whom they can spend time with, look up to, and learn from.  May Allah always keep them surrounded by good role models and bring them up to be […]

  • Strong Mothers, Strong Sons

    Strong Mothers, Strong Sons

    When I was pregnant with my first, I really wanted a girl.  But Allah gifted me a boy.  And then two years later, another. Because I did not grow up with a father or brothers, sports, getting dirty, and even changing […]

  • Diaper Science

    Diaper Science

    This was a really fun and simple science experiment we did this week.  We got there idea from here. Checked out two dry diapers. Added two and a half cups of water to see how much the diaper could absorb. […]

  • Free Entertainment

    Free Entertainment

    Who needs a TV when you can watch the garbage truck from your bedroom window? Share This:

  • Life with boys part 2….

    Life with boys part 2….

    …when your decorative pillows are tied to a pole to transform it into a punching bag. Share This:

  • Life with boys…

    Life with boys…

    ….when your living room is transformed into a Volley ball court, and your ironing table into a net.  =) Share This:

  • Rules for Mothers with Sons

    MashaAllah a really well written article.When I was pregnant with Yusuf I wanted a girl SO badly! But Allah swt knew what was best for me and I couldnt have ever imagined how much I’d love being a Momma to […]

  • Raising Boys

    Very interesting.  Mashallah I really like this guy.  He spoke at the Toronto Muslim Homeschoolers Conference and I bought his book called the Dysfunctional School.  Please listen to what he has to say, especially if you have a boy!Click here. […]

  • Boys!


    If you told me five years ago that Id be a mom to two boys, two years apart, I would have probably been scared. When I was pregnant with Yusuf I wanted a girl. But Allah blessed me with a […]