• Soccer Baseball

    Soccer Baseball

    Yeah for amazing weather alhamdulillah! Share This:

  • Random Baba Experiment

    Random Baba Experiment

    Baba came home one day wanting to do this. Milk + food colouring + dish soap = excitement! Plus things are always a little extra exciting when Baba is around. Share This:

  • Langkawi – Mangroves

    Langkawi – Mangroves

    Ibby’s journal entry for Mangrove trip  Naani and Pops <3 Fam Pic Shells!  They were amazing mashallah Checkin out the monkies Our tour guide.  He was awesome.  Taught us so many interesting things like:-If you’re ever lost in the jungle, […]

  • Langkawi – Snorkeling

    Langkawi – Snorkeling

    Alhamdulillah we had a really nice family vacation with the grandparents to an island in Malaysia called Langkwawi.  MashaAllah it was awesome 🙂 Boarding the plane for the one hour flight On the plane with Naani Playing chess in the […]

  • File folder car lot

    File folder car lot

    Another thing I found on Pinterest 🙂 Baba did this with the boys today when I was at my class. Share This:

  • Welcome Home Baba

    Welcome Home Baba

    Another sneaky way thay I got Yusuf to practice writing skills 🙂 Share This:

  • Strawberry Picking

    Strawberry Picking

    Last week we went on a homeschooling field trip to a farm for Strawberry picking.  Alhamdulilah the weather turned out to be really good despite the rainy forecast.  Baba came with us for a change which was nice 🙂  Usually […]

  • Family Trip to Niagra

    Family Trip to Niagra

    Alhamdulilah we had a short, but very nice, family trip to Niagra Falls.  Since my husband works all hours of the week, he is occasionally able to take time off of work during the week.  It was really nice going […]

  • Living Room Camping

    Living Room Camping

    Baba is out of the country for a while, and since the boys are very attached to him, especially at night/bed time, I asked a friend if we could borrow her tent to set up in our living room!  Alhamdulilah […]

  • Crazy Forts

    Crazy Forts

    A long time ago I took out a set of Crazy Forts from the resource center.  Then last summer I found a set and bought it from a garage sale.  Its a great activity for the kids, they love it! […]