• Beautiful weather calls for ditching the text books and going to the backyard to paint

    Beautiful weather calls for ditching the text books and going to the backyard to paint

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  • Hajj Banner

    Hajj Banner

    The kids each made their own kabahs and we made a banner for Eid ul Adha.  Share This:

  • Mesjid Mosaics

    Mesjid Mosaics

    We made mesjid mosaics but printing out mesjid silhouttes (from a google search), placing them face down on clear contact paper, and then placing small pieces of coloured tissue paper around it.  Alhamdulillah it was a fun project for the […]

  • Rainbow Loom

    Rainbow Loom

    Mashallah the boys are really into this rainbow loom stuff. They’re so cute they made their own store. Totally something I would have done as a child 🙂 Share This:

  • Spice Craft

    Spice Craft

    Last weekend while I was working in the kitchen I got the kids to learn some spices and make this wheel.  They really enjoyed it. Afterwards Yusuf helped me make dinner and I got him to guess the spices we […]

  • One of those days….

    One of those days….

    Today’s just one of those days where I didn’t get out of my PJs til after lunch, the house is a mess and I feel a cold coming on.  Mashallah the boys are being awesome.  They’re making up all these […]

  • Good Deeds

    Good Deeds

    We traced Ibby the other day… can you tell he wouldn’t stop moving?  We coloured it and have been putting good deed cards around it which alhamdulillah has encouraged him to practice those deeds.   We got the set here […]

  • Shopping


    Being abroad makes you appreciate and miss the little things that you didn’t pay much attention to when you back home.  For me, Dollarama is one of the things I really miss especially since were home a lot more! A […]

  • File folder car lot

    File folder car lot

    Another thing I found on Pinterest 🙂 Baba did this with the boys today when I was at my class. Share This:

  • Craft Fail

    Craft Fail

    I have a new addiction: Pinterest! It’s so much fun and has so many awesome ideas! I was excited to do one of the crafts I saw so when my kids two friends came over we tried it out. Alhamdulillah […]