• Arabic Math

    Arabic Math

    We havent been doing much sit down homeschooling lately. But we did recently do some Arabic Math. We did addition with plastic eggs in bowls. Alhamdulilah Yusuf did really well. And of course Ibby had to help. = )We havent […]

  • Arabic Alphabet Lapbook

    Arabic Alphabet Lapbook

    I was really excited to try this project that a friend of mine showed me. I took two file folders and stapled them together, then make a bunch of small booklets and glued them on. Every day were gonna do […]

  • Arabic Around the House

    Arabic Around the House

    Alhamdulilah Yusuf is really enjoying his new Arabic classes. From Oct – Dec he attended a class further away from our house and he was really enjoying it.. but.. the kids were ages 3-6 yrs and it was a larger […]

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