• Farm in the City

    Farm in the City

    Today we had a playgroup field trip to a place called Farm in the City. Mashallah we had a blast. Lotsa hands on learning for the kids alhamdulillah. Share This:

  • On the move again!

    On the move again!

    It’s official. We have decided to move back to Canada. It’s been an incredibly amazing time… but, it’s time to go home. We feel like it’s been an extended vacation… We’ve made priceless memories that we will cherish for life […]

  • Twins of Faith

    Twins of Faith

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  • Naani!


    Naani has been here and weve been busy with her…. Twin towers, Kuala Lumpur Krabi, Thailand Our resort in Thailand Riding elephants in Thailand Beach Thailand <3 Snorkeling in Thailand Walking though the rainforest Chillin with Naani and Baba at […]

  • Redang


    While the cousins were here, we visited an Island off the East coast of Malaysia and mashaAllah it was stunning!  The resport we stayed at was, umm, not the best of resorts.  But subhanallah, the view totally made up for […]

  • And so it begins….

    And so it begins….

    Here are a few snapshots of our first moments here in Malaysia. Shopping has been an adventure…we hardly know any name brands or  products.  Sometimes its annoying, sometimes its funny but overall its fun 🙂 Alhamdulillah so far there has […]