Being in the Trenches…



Priceless words of wisdom from a fellow homeschooler.  I am strongly considering printing this and putting it up on my wall!

“Homeschooling is like being in the¬†trenches – you’re surrounded by an army you created all by yourself. Prepare to outsource some things when necessary, take a break for yourself regularly, and just have a day off when nothing else seems to be working. If at the end of the day, nothing caught on fire, no one’s in the hospital and all your kids are alive, you’ve done well. Have a cookie, with some milk. Or a chocolate from your super-secret-stash. Or just go to sleep asap before the army regroups and returns!

But most of all, even beyond your children’s educational progress, character building, successes and failures, you will be surprised at what homeschooling does to YOU: it changes you in a way you never thought possible at the outset of the journey. It moulds your character, it tests your mettle, it humbles you and beats your nafs and desires to within an inch of it’s life. It teaches you patience, even though you feel like you failed that day. It teaches you perseverance, even though you feel like giving up that day. It teaches you self-control, even though you feel like you lost it that day. But most of all, it teaches you LOVE: completely, with no holds barred, at all hours and times of the day, with no breaks, unconditionally. That is Allah’s love for us, and what we aspire towards with our children. It is a lesson I do not think I could have learned any other way. ”

-Ambareen Sayyed

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