Welcome!  I’m Aasiya.  I embraced Islam in my early teens and got married when I was eighteen.  I went to College to study Early Childhood Education and worked for a short period of time in a Day Care.  It was when I was working that I began to realize how strongly I felt about children spending as much time as possible with their mothers and families.  This is when the seed of homeschooling was planted in my head and heart.

Yusuf, was born in 2007, and becoming a mother solidified my decision to homeschool. My second son, Ibraheem was born in 2009 and my daughter, Summaiya was born in 2012.

My husband had not always been in favour of homeschooling.  Since before I was even pregnant with my first I expressed my desire to homeschool our children, and to be honest I think he thought I was a little crazy.  But over the years he has become my number one support and firmly believes in this lifestyle we have chosen.  Our homeschooling would not be successful if it weren’t for his involvement whether it be teaching a math lesson, or letting me cry on his shoulder after a difficult day


My kids and I were all born in Canada.  When my youngest was five months old we trekked across the Pacific and settled in Malaysia after my husband received a job offer.  It was gorgeous there!  We travelled to different countries, experienced the tropical lifestyle and even snorkeled with sharks!  We lived there for two years and although we made incredible memories, nothing could replace the comfort and support we had in Canada.  So we decided to resettle back home on the outskirts of Toronto where we currently reside.

I began a private blog when Yusuf was a baby which basically served as a journal of things we did as he was growing up.  But when homeschooling became more serious, I decided to start a homeschooling blog.  Fast forward five years and I felt like my simple blog wasn’t enough anymore.  I wanted to reach out to more people and venture out to offer more inspiration and support, which is why I launched this site.

I struggled with the name ‘Aasiya’s Homeschool’ for so long.  I actually just named my first blog this, intending it was temporary until I thought of a more creative name.  Something like my close friend who had named her blog Handmade Beginnings.  But it wasn’t until I decided to go ahead with this website that I became comfortable with using my name in the title.

aasiya, homeschool

I want my blog to represent who I am. I’m not a super talented crafter or amazing designer of printouts.  I’m just Aasiya.  Trying to learn about life as I teach my kids to do the same.  I want to give you a glimpse into our little world and show you the good, the bad, the ugly and the amazing parts of homeschooling.  I have days where I accomplish lots.  And I have days where I accomplish little. And there are even days where I give my kids cereal for dinner… actually, there are alot of those days. 🙂

There are tons of homeschooling blogs out there!  Tons that offer professionally written articles, awesome free printouts, links to hundreds of resources, but for me, Aasiya’s Homeschool is a place to inspire others, offer support, share ideas, and most importantly, keep it real.

I have had way too many people come up to me and ask me how I homeschool.  How I miraculously keep three munchkins around me all the time, often leaving me with little or no time to even shower.  They praise me and put me on  pedestal.  And I hate that!  Not only do I hate it because it is putting me in a position I don’t deserve, but more-so because this conversation usually leads to them belittling themselves saying they could never homeschool because they are not smart/ qualified/ organized/ patient/ talented enough.

I firmly believe that homeschooling is not for everyone, but, if any mother has the slightest inclination that homeschooling would work for her family, I think she should just give it a try.  Worse case scenario, it doesn’t work and you put them back in the school system, no harm done. But I hate to see mom’s putting themselves down before even trying.  At least try.  If your heart says it might work, then try.  Its better to have tried and failed than to never have tried and live with regret.

Motherhood is oh so hard on a very basic level.  Add homeschooling to the mix and it can be overwhelming.  But no matter what choice we make as parents, whether we choose homeschool, public school or Islamic school, we will always wonder if were doing the right thing.  And because those thoughts already weigh so heavily down on us, we need to find ways to lift each other up.

Thats what I hope to do here.  To encourage.  To share.  To motivate.  To inspire.

I’m honoured you’ve stopped by.

Happy Homeschooling.

With love,


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  1. Umme humaita October 30, 2015 at 10:16 AM

    Assalamualimum what’s the basic that we need to start with I mean to start homeschooling

  2. Umm L May 22, 2017 at 4:46 AM

    Ahh! Finally a Canadian homeschooling blogger. Really excited to read through everything!


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